BC Drop Shot: A Great Club for Expats


Did you know that BC Dropshot is a great club for expats? Located in The Hague, BC Dropshot has many members from foreign countries. Yulia Nuzban, or focal point for expats, shares her thoughts about the club.


'My name is Yulia Nuzban. I am form Ukraine. I work for an international organisation in The Hague. I joined BC Drop Shot in 2011. At the club, i am a focal point for expats. Essentially, my role is to help expats feel welcome and integrated.


BC Drop Shot is a diverse club, which welcomes aspiring and experienced players from all corners of the world. Being an expat gives me 

a unique perspective to understand the situation of other foreigners. One such aspect is a language barrier. Although badminton is a sport and sport knows no borders, good communication is important. Some of us don’t speak much Dutch, and it helps that other club members speak English and switch easily.


The club is run by a group of enthusiastic members. It is well organised and dynamic. It has a broad range of things to offer. The club is open to different age groups, nationalities, and levels. It is a big club. The advantage of it is that you will always find a badminton partner even on the rainiest and coldest day of the year, when most people would rather stay at home. The other advantages include training for different levels and ages, opportunities to join competition teams and play for the club, and recreational games on different days at several locations.


I would certainly recommend the club to others, in particular the expats.'


Would you like to know more about the opportunities BC Drop Shot has to offer? Come around or contact us via info@bcdropshot.nl