Club Championships: Enjoyment!


February at BC Drop Shot means only one thing: it's time for the legendary club championships! An event eagerly anticipated by all members.

And this year was certainly no exception. From seasoned veterans to enthusiastic newcomers, the courts were filled with players who all had one goal in mind: to etch their name in the history of the club: eternal glory!

The atmosphere over the past few days has been filled with laughter, cheers, and occasionally a hint of competitive rivalry - just as it should be at an event like this. The doubles matches were sometimes surprising, with teams searching for perfect cooperation.

Every point was a battle in itself, against the opponents and for each player. All participants gave it their all, knowing that more than just a trophy was at stake - eternal glory was on the line too!

The rallies were epic, the tension palpable, and the crowd cheered every winning shot. After days of intense competition and unforgettable moments, it was time to crown the winners. Trophies were proudly awarded, but even for those who didn't come out on top, there was still reason to celebrate - because at BC Drop Shot, it's about more than just winning; it's about being part of a close-knit club of like-minded people who share a passion for the same sport. After the awards ceremony, a delightful dinner awaited, and it was time for a Glitter & Glamour club night.

Hopefully, next year we'll see more new faces on the court, ready to take on the challenge and make their mark on the history of BC Drop Shot. But one thing is for sure: the spirit of camaraderie will always burn bright, because that's what makes this club, our club, so special.

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Badminton bij Bc Drop shot

BC Drop Shot is een Haagse badmintonclub, opgericht in 1947. Bc Drop Shot speelt op allerhoogste niveau met behoud van sfeer en gezelligheid.

BC Drop Shot biedt 7 dagen per week mogelijkheden voor jeugd, recreanten en competitiespelers in Den Haag en Ypenburg. BC Drop Shot verzorgt trainingen op alle niveaus, biedt veel wedstrijdmogelijkheden en evenementen.

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BC Drop Shot speelt op 3 locaties.

Sportcentrum Mariahoeve
Het Kleine Loo 12
2592 CE  Den Haag

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