First inspiration session 2027


On June the 6th an involved group of people from BC Drop Shot came together, supplemented by some inspiring speakers such as the chairman of Badminton Netherlands and the chairman of the Swiss Federation, with a seat in the European and world federation. The goal: inspire and explore direction for BC Drop Shot in 2027.

In 2027 BC Drop Shot will be 80 years young by keeping the good, but not being afraid of change, renewal and innovations.

After two inspiring speakers, we spoke in different groups about our target groups, financial matters and there was room for an open brainstorm.

The starting point is that BC Drop Shot is an ambitious club where top athletes, divison players and recreational players feel particularly at home. This requires a lot of attention, time and investment, but should never be at the expense of the most important value: the connection of members. After all, it is a club.

Our ideal: players, volunteers and board members are open, accessible and positive. Members express themselves positively about their club because they experience connection and involvement. This requires a lot from board, trainers, volunteers and certainly also from members. Strength is the key. We have completed a first exploration very positively. On to the next round!

Badminton bij Bc Drop shot

BC Drop Shot is een Haagse badmintonclub, opgericht in 1947. Bc Drop Shot speelt op allerhoogste niveau met behoud van sfeer en gezelligheid.

BC Drop Shot biedt 7 dagen per week mogelijkheden voor jeugd, recreanten en competitiespelers in Den Haag en Ypenburg. BC Drop Shot verzorgt trainingen op alle niveaus, biedt veel wedstrijdmogelijkheden en evenementen.

Aanvraag informatie lidmaatschap

Meer informatie over het lidmaatschap en/of de mogelijkheden. Laat je gegevens hieronder vrijblijvend achter. We nemen contact met je op.


BC Drop Shot speelt op 3 locaties.

Sportcentrum Mariahoeve
Het Kleine Loo 12
2592 CE  Den Haag

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