Paul de Graaf - Head coach BC Drop Shot


From the 2024-2025 season, the technical staff of BC Drop Shot will be strengthened by head coach Paul de Graaf. In view of the developments in the club, BC Drop Shot is investing in the next phase of quality within the club's technical policy.

In addition to selection trainer and coach of team 1, Paul de Graaf will also have an important task in supporting and developing our entire coaching staff within the club. An important task for the new head coach is to help shape a technical policy plan with a focus towards 2030.

Enormous growth requires investment
Over the past 5 years, BC Drop Shot has experienced enormous growth due to a very targeted policy. Both in terms of playing level and membership numbers. This growth does not go unnoticed. Younger players with ample development opportunities are increasingly joining BC Drop Shot.

A nice and desirable development because these will soon be the players who can advance and/or perpetuate the level. Of course, this also demands more and more from our youth trainers. In addition, we want to build our own identity and recognizability of our training courses.

There is of course a lot of demand for high-level training within the selections, but there are also many tactical challenges. Paul will also be actively committed to this.

Beautiful connections

In addition to all those badminton technical matters and policy, wonderful connections are already emerging with other professionals such as private trainers, strength trainers and physiotherapists. Together we will develop programs to get the most out of each player. We will further expand connections with other professionals. Naturally, the head coach will form the connecting link between all matters and ensure coordination.

Long-term investment

BC Drop Shot wants - as mentioned - to grow to the next phase in technical policy. From talent development to recreational training. This requires making plans, implementing them, monitoring them and improving them.

The board of BC Drop Shot is convinced that this ambition cannot be realized within a year. A three-year collaboration was therefore agreed in consultation with Paul de Graaf.

We look forward to great cooperation where every member can receive the most suitable offer and where growth of our own members perpetuates the club level and strengthens it where necessary.

Badminton bij Bc Drop shot

BC Drop Shot is een Haagse badmintonclub, opgericht in 1947. Bc Drop Shot speelt op allerhoogste niveau met behoud van sfeer en gezelligheid.

BC Drop Shot biedt 7 dagen per week mogelijkheden voor jeugd, recreanten en competitiespelers in Den Haag en Ypenburg. BC Drop Shot verzorgt trainingen op alle niveaus, biedt veel wedstrijdmogelijkheden en evenementen.

Aanvraag informatie lidmaatschap

Meer informatie over het lidmaatschap en/of de mogelijkheden. Laat je gegevens hieronder vrijblijvend achter. We nemen contact met je op.


BC Drop Shot speelt op 3 locaties.

Sportcentrum Mariahoeve
Het Kleine Loo 12
2592 CE  Den Haag

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